Tuesday, December 9, 2008


William Wallace said, "All men die... not all men really live."

On Sunday My pastor talked about Mary. He emphasized the importance of Mary's decision, what it implied, how it changed the course of her life and history itself. Pastor Richard reiterated the conception story while fully illustrating the fact that Mary had a choice, and a huge choice at that. I think in this day where teen pregnancy and unwed mothers are so common we forget the psychological and social pressures Mary had to consider. She lived in a male-dominant society where women had little to no voice. She was betrothed, but any implication that she was not a virgin could absolutely destroy any chance at marriage for her. God gave Mary the chance to say no, but she said yes. She was worthy of God's blessing and chose to honor God with her life and reputation. Mary chose to fully live out the opportunity God presented her with. She had no idea the heartache and turmoil it would bring her, nor the blessing and life.

There is so much we can learn from this brave, young, unwed teen mother. But what I see now is fully living. It's getting out of bed each day with the knowledge that God is going to use you. It is every day offering yourself and your life anew to God and what God is doing in the lives of those around you. It is being a vessel, no matter how broken you are.

Even a shard of pottery can hold water.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Month in... and counting!

Actually, it's been over a month, but that's beside the point.

I've graduated from mass e-mails to a blog. As you know, I feel this is a better medium because, if you're like me, you already have too many e-mails to get through and another EXTREMELY long e-mail from isn't always top priority--though it probably should be! tsk tsk!

Days are flying by with hardly any notice! I am constantly amazed at how time flies here in the midwest, and at the same time I feel like I have been here for a whole year! My typical day includes numerous classes, copious amounts of studying, a lot of time talking (maybe too much time) to my classmates, and finally sleep! Despite the monotony of it all, every day is different and brings with it joys and new ideas and a ton of information.

I'm learning a lot outside of school too. This is the midwest, afterall, and life here is quite different. I run a lot and was a bit unnerved by the number of people outside talking to me. In Seattle, it is rare to have people you don't know greet you, but in Missouri it is commonplace! Most of these people are enjoying the afternoon/evening out on their porch, sipping tea, bbq-ing, reading the paper, and just relaxing. It's odd. There is also a severe shortage of coffee here! Now, there are two coffee shops, one is just a drive-thru though, and they're ok, but it's not like Seattle coffee! And the weather is out of control! I woke up yesterday morning at 4 am because there was a massive thunder and lightening storm! And it rains here with monsoon intensity! WOW!!!

I've been learning a lot about myself lately. I didn't realize how incredibly social I am. It's a bit out of control, really. I think, if I had it my way, I wouldn't have to study, just sit and talk to people all the time! There are some incredibly facinating people here! I love it! I also didn't realize that friendships with guys would change. I've always had a lot of guy friends, which has never been much of a problem, but it seems to be one in Kirksville. What I have come to realize is that though the guy and I have talked about our friendship and we are really just friends, there will be drama--no matter what! There will always be someone angry, someone hurt, someone spreading rumors, and someone criticizing you. It's ridiculous. Maybe I just didn't realize it in Seattle because, well, let's be honest, I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box, and maybe these things were an issue there too. But I don't remember them. Needless to say, I'm still single--no midwestern boys for me yet, thanks Annie!--but I'm really happy!

I really am happy. I'm really enjoying my time here. I love school, I always have. I don't usually know what I'm doing, but I draw really pretty pictures and I have some great friends and I've discovered that I can cook pretty well for myself (I just don't share often with other people...)! I ride my bike everywhere I go, though I've been extending myself and asking people for rides--which is a big step people, BIG step! I'm part of a neat little church and have joined many many clubs! Never fear, I do miss Seattle. I'm not making any plans to live here for more than my 2 years! Trust me, I'll be ready for a change!

I miss you all! Truly! I'll be back in Seattle for Thanksgiving, so be sure to find some time for me!