Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things change

I've decided to change my outlook on my weekly schedule.

I'm a student doctor, in my 3rd of 4 years of medical school and I really need to study...a lot! But I'm not really that excited when I get home from "work" at the hospital and it's time to sit down and study.... This usually ends in me spending copious hours blog hopping, crafting, baking, not cleaning my apartment, and overall mayhem.

In short: NO productivity

Thus, I am implementing a weekly playday. One day a week, whilst I watch my hulu from the past week, I will craft/bake/cook/blog, whatever suits my fancy!

I know I will always need the break, but let's be honest, I need to study more. Good grades aren't going to earn themselves!

But Glee is on tonight, so.... we probably won't be implementing this til next week...