Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Things that Really Matter

There is a very sweet couple in my church who have a 2 month old son.

They bring him to church with them every Sunday, they never miss a mass.

They sit toward the back in case he cries (which he never does) and, from my seat in the choir, I get to watch them play with him and make faces at him during the service.

He grins at every parishioner who stops by to smile at him or talk to him.

He coos.

He cuddles.

They dress him up like a little gentleman, ties and sweater vests and so on.

He started wearing winter hats (as it is now November in Detroit) and I can't get enough of seeing the monkey and baseball and newsboy caps.

They have waited a long time for him and he is their only child.

They make sure that every Sunday during communion they have him blessed by the priest.

This Sunday we celebrated the Annointing of the Sick Mass. This couple brought their sweet baby boy forward for healing. I cried.

All 3 priests spent several minutes praying over him and his mother and father. They annointed him with oil and laid hands on his little body.

This precious sweet baby has a very extreme form of Down Syndrome. His poor little heart has such a large hole in it you can hear the murmur when you stand next to him. He is undergoing surgery tomorrow to repair it, pray for him. But he will never be the son they dreamed they would have.

He will be so much more.

so much more


The baby tolerated the surgery well. His parents were able to take him home this past Saturday and he is progressing as expected. Blessed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outsource to Detroit

As I was driving to choir practice last week (yes, they actually let me sing in a choir here...), I saw this sign on the side of a building:
You can't really miss the sign. It's like 10 stories high and is on one of the more prominent buildings in downtown Detroit.

As I was admiring the sign, I started to think about the words.
"Outsource to Detroit"

What does that really mean?
-Don't companies usually outsource to 3rd and 2nd world countries? Are they saying Detroit/Michigan is like one of those countries?
-To be honest, my first thought was of the NBC show "Outsourced"...

What are the implications of those words?
-Will companies begin to see Detroit as a place to underpay their employees?
-Or does this mean companies will actually see the possibilities a long-downtrodden city/state can hold for them?
-What will be the impact of this on the socio-economic stability/instability of the city?
-I'll be the first to admit I know little of economics, but I do know that this must play some role in the situation. Right?

What do I do with this?

I know that Chrysler's Super Bowl XLV ad featuring Eminem set a lot of things in motion for this city. Is this new movement part of that? I kinda hope so! I remember watching this ad during the Super Bowl thinking, "Holy Ad Campaign, Batman! That was amazing! I really hope this means big things to come because that ad just rocked my world!"

There are a lot of great reports and articles regarding this new trend of moving a company's normally outsourced jobs to Detroit. And, as a consumer and Detroiter myself, I am more than happy to have them here! Let's be honest, I'd much rather call tech support and speak to someone who might actually use the product I'm frustrated with and who can reason with my frustrated self in English that is intelligible.

The company leading the charge in this new wave is GalaxE. I don't know a lot about them, but I do know they are providing hundreds of technical jobs to the long-out-of-work people in Detroit. Goodwill is another company coming into this new trend.

I will admit I am completely intrigued by this new development in my new home city. I have only lived in Detroit for a year and a half, but it holds a very special place in my heart. There are few places in this country where you will so readily see the decay of the living like you do in Detroit.

Ok, so I love Detroit. I am not as scared by it as I thought I would be. My dream right now is to live in one of the brand spankin' newly refurbished apartments in DOWNTOWN! Yep,in downtown! They. Are. Beautiful! And if I choose correctly, and have a lot of money, I could potentially get one of the ones that overlooks Comerica Park where the Tigers play!

There are so many good things happening in this city, this is just one of the latest to catch my attention. If you are interested in some of the great things happening in this city go to It's worth a couple minutes of your time.

This city holds so much potential. And it makes my heart so glad to see that others are embracing that and taking the initiative to put money and time into a city that so desperately needs some TLC.
(This is an abandoned building in downtown not far from my church. It too displays a sign I love)