Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"If you're going to San Francisco... sure to wear some flowers in your hair"

I wanted to die. I almost peed my pants. I jumped for joy. I screamed. I stared mouth wide open, unable to speak. I couldn't breathe. I hyperventilated. I fainted.

I've been looking for this for forever! I want this! I need this! It is amazing and perfect and mine!

The thing is, I love hats, but I can never seem to feel comfortable in most hats. They fit me funny. I have a short forehead. My hair doesn't work with hats... etc.
I also love having flowers in my hair, but real ones don't last long and I'm not a huge fan of bugs.... This, however is perfect!

So I took a trip to the fabric store (and I found out you can buy small swatches of any fabric they have for $0.50--awesome!) and found my fabric. Being the crafty fiend I am, I already had all the needles and thread I could want. Then I set to work.

Ok, actually, I had a test coming up the week after I found the pattern, so my crafting ended up not happening that week... but I did sit down with my Hulu and fabric the night after the test.

And the finished product:

I. Love. It!

But it's kinda huge....
But I love it! Unfortunately, I work in a hospital....I can't really wear a 8" flower in my hair, and that is disappointing. Fortunately, I kinda thought about the problem of size before I made it. Thus, I made it in 2 parts. Yep, it's a flower within a flower.

All I had to attach the little flower to the big
flower were hook and eyes. But they worked great! And they both have regular hair clips attached to the undersides to facilitate placement in my mass of hair.

So here's the little flower.

And another shot of the whole thing together.

I think I'll wear it tomorrow!

Oh, wait, I work tomorrow...