Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh How Things Are a Changin'

I think it's funny when people criticize someone for doing something outrageous and then just short weeks/months/year later it becomes a fad.

It's a sick pleasure I get from finding others' faux pas. I'm from a small town. We judge. I'm just going to attribute my severe criticism to that. Cool beans? Baller.

Anywho, as a good example of this is as follows:

In November of 2010, Khloe Kardashian wore the hat pictured below.

Meh. It's ok. Not really my style. In fact, it seemed, at the time, that it wasn't actually anybody's style but Khloe's. She was run through the gauntlet for wearing that hat. People mocked her and criticized her for months!

I'm not a Kardashian fan, per se, but I don't see the point in throwing someone under the bus quite so thoroughly for something as innocent as wearing a fun hat.

And then, a couple weeks ago, some friends and I went ice skating in downtown Detroit. And, lo and behold, these hats were EVERYWHERE!!!

Everyone was wearing them! Adults and children alike! The picture above was an actual stand by the ice rink selling the hats for $35! And people were clamoring for them! Especially the Angry Birds ones.

I like to think Detroit has some sense of city style. (Yeah, yeah, I know, Detroit is a hole.... but I like the hole! And I'm pretty convinced all bad-ass winter style originated in Detroit). Moving on.

I was fairly surprised to see these hats on every other head just over a year after the Khloe K. debacle. So I did a little research and I found that these hats are for sale EVERYWHERE!

You can buy them online, in Macy's, and even on the streets of Detroit!
And if you're super into having High End fashion, or just want to look like Khloe, you can even purchase a very similar edition HERE for just a mere $139!

But please, if you're going to follow this trend, please, Please, PLEASE, do it better than my lil sis did. I'm sorry, Kate, but Nemo is not exactly the animal that this trend is supposed to be modeling....