Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures at Home for the Long Weekend

I'm cat sitting. I've been cat sitting for over a week now. I forgot to tell you. I'm sure you've survived just fine without this knowledge.
This cat is ridiculous. I'm not kidding. Now, I've cat-sat this cat before, so I know the ridiculosities of which she is capable.
Usually, I watch her in her home, as her mommy and daddy and nutso puppy-sister lived a couple miles from me. However, they recently moved to Lansing, MI (the capitol city of Michigan, home to Burt Reynolds and Steven Seagal, and the city in which Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lives in his movie Tooth Fairy.)
Moving on.

The first time I watched Lucky (the cat), her family had been gone a couple days and she was sensory deprived! I couldn't get away from her. She followed me around like a puppy and would roll around on the floor/table/bed, whichever was nearest, just waiting for me to love on her. However, as with most cats, she only wanted me to pet her to her hearts content, any more and she'd nip or swat.
This time she's at my apartment, and it's just been the 2 of us. She's pretty much ignored me the entire time. Unless she wants food. When she wants food, she lets you know!
Mostly she just hides under my bed. But last night, she did something odd...

My apartment is a 2 bedroom, but the rooms are separated by our living room/dining room/kitchen area. Last night I was sitting on the couch in the living room being fairly unproductive as per usual when I saw a little grey head poke around the doorway to my room. Lucky was watching for me watching for her.
just peeking

10:42pm - Lucky saw I wasn't watching for her, she sneaked across the living space to H's room.
10:47pm - Lucky bolted back to my room.
11:06pm - Lucky strolled to the kitchen.
11:07pm - Lucky knocked 1/2 the food in her bowl onto the kitchen floor
11:11pm - Lucky walked back to my room.
11:23pm - Lucky sauntered through the living room to H's room.
11:30pm - Lucky ignored me as she walked in front of the couch toward the TV and decided to play on the few boxes I've packed and bat at the blinds
11:32pm - the blinds are no longer interesting. Lucky hides behind the couch.
11:38pm - Lucky is back in the kitchen eating her spilled food off the floor
11:41pm - I get up to use the bathroom, Lucky ignores me.
11:42pm - Lucky growls at me when I come back from the bathroom.
11:44pm - Lucky starts rolling around in (yes IN) the myriad of boxes strewn about the floor.
11:57pm - I head to bed. Lucky looks at me as if to say, "Seriously? You're going to bed right now? LAME! What are you, like 80? Boooooo!"

cat is very disappointed in you
So, this morning, I get up and make coffee and start watching the Today Show and out strolls Lucky. She acknowledges me with a nod and heads into the kitchen. Then she sits at the corner of the kitchen and the living room and stares at me.
Then she decided she wanted belly rubs. She rolled around on the floor.
Looked up at me to see if I saw her. Rolled again on the floor.
So I proceeded to oblige her. She quickly got tired of the petting and ran away from me. She's been sulking under my bed ever since. I'm not really sure why. I filled her bowl. She has water, even though she decided to drink out of the sink this morning....

From what I've read, I've surmised she is either:

  • pissed at me for the rainy weather we're having here in the D 
  • hungover, though I swear I only let her have 1 drink last night!
  • plotting to kill me
I'm pretty sure she's plotting to kill me.  She has 6 of the 9 warning signs, and 2 she doesn't have because she's not allowed outside. Maybe I should go away for Memorial Day Weekend afterall....

Friday, May 25, 2012


As I mentioned Wednesday, I am moving next month. 

This may seem like an excessive amount of information on my new adventure to some people, but I'm actually pretty excited. Ok I. Am. STOKED!!!

As a medical student, I worked my butt off and I paid to do it every day. When I move to Tulsa, I'll be working as a Resident Doctor and getting PAID to do it. My hours will get worse, but they'll be paying me!

I am approved for a house in Tulsa!
Actually, it's not a house, its actually a bungalow. I'm going to live in a bungalow! Eek!

that's the front of my bungalow!
I have a porch! and it has a ceiling fan! hope it's ready for some plants
front room complete with a fireplace!
dining room with built-in shelving
tiniest kitchen on the planet!
Seriously. It is the smallest kitchen ever. I don't think my entire rear end actually fits in it all at the same time.... So if you come over and want to help me cook, it just won't work out. BUT you can feel free to cook for me, provided your rear end isn't too much larger than mine...

Can you tell I'm smitten???

I promise to post lots of pics when I move in! I can't wait to put all my own stuff in there! Gosh I hope it all fits....

Also, did you see I got a mention from AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles? So nice! I'm pleased someone is entertained by my rambles!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long time, no blog!

I'm not very good at this thing. Sorry readers. I am so flighty, especially lately since I'm OFFICIALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL, I forget that I actually have a blog that I write at.... Silly me....

I apologize. That was a horrible apology. I apologize. I lack the commitment to blog on the regular....

Anywho, I've been packing. YAY! I can't believe I'm moving again! This will be my 4th move in the last 4 years....

See my moving strategy?
Books strewn everywhere.

Boxes in random places (yeah, I got them from the recycle bin at the local library).

Computer and coffee easily accessed. TV on.... I should probably turn the tv off....

I am not very good at moving. Especially when I move away from a city I've grown to love. I tend to procrastinate a lot. A LOT! I find other things to keep me distracted, like the internet or my DVR.

I also tend to tell myself silly things like,

"Don't pack those winter sweaters yet, this is Michigan and you might need them the first week of June because, you never know, it might snow!"


"The first things that need to go into that giant moving thing are your mattress and couches, and you need those, 'cause you're not going to sleep on the floor right?, so you should just go to the pool and enjoy the 80 degree weather and pack the day before you move out."


"You have plenty of time and money. Silly Alicia...."

Dear brain, 
Please shut up!
Love, me

I will give myself a little credit: I've pack ALL of my dvd's and ALL of my novels. Not to mention that my electronics (aside from the aforementioned laptop) and crafts are packed too! Though, I confess, they were never really unpacked from the previous move....

On a complete side note, I love what blogger has done with the new composition page! This is probably old news, that shows how long it's been since I've blogged regularly.... If you don't use blogger, please disregard this.

I'll be back tomorrow, never fear. But now I'm going to finish watching Ellen, she's got Will Smith on! Love that man!!! Have you seen the new Men in Black 3 trailer?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's official: I'm a doctor!
Holy crap. I just read what I just wrote.... I'm not ready for this! School!! TAKE ME BACK! Don't let me go yet! I need more time! I'm not done learning yet!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that. Minor outburst of insecurity. Pay no attention to the apprehensive 5 year old running things behind the curtain, she has no idea what she's talking about. I'm back, full of confidence! At least I think I am...

Moving on....

I don't know how to put words to graduation week. It doesn't help that I was fortunate enough to go to 2 beautiful weddings for 4 wonderful friends before and after graduation. I was gone from home for 3 weeks....

That said, I'm just going to post some of my favorite pics. I'll put captions so they make some sense. 
the siblings, and our adopted sibling Olga (Olivia) at the first wedding in Hawaii
me and the lil bro on scooters after the first wedding
me getting DANCE BOMBED by the bride and groom at the second wedding (I was oblivious)
2 of my favs! John Thurman & Todd Brubaker
We take those Tough Mudder headbands EVERYWHERE!!!
burning that DAMN short white coat! Sayonara bacteria! 
me getting hooded (you get a hood when you do a post graduate degree) by one of my fav professors
with the lil bro and lil sis post graduation
with the big bro and his wife and 2 daughters
with my 2 aunts (2 of my dad's sisters)
with my med school brother! <3 you Toddington! 
SOCIETY 7!!! Best group a girl could ask for!
Proud papa!
me and the mama with our coffees! Seattle girls to the core! (and you can see my dress in this pic)
 It was a whirlwind week and I am SOOOOOOO blessed with all the support from friends and family the last 4+ years! Much love to you all!