Friday, September 16, 2011

The Subway....

I didn't grow up in New York. The summation of my knowledge of the city came from "An American Tail", "Newsies", and later "Sex and the City". So, I'd say I was slightly biased. I had no idea how this city actually got by prior to my arrival here. Nor did I have any concept of the immensity of NYC.... WOW!

I really did think of NYC just like I saw it in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

I will admit, one of the things I was really excited to do was ride the subway. I know, how common and silly, right? But my hometown (and all of Washington State for that matter) was severely lacking an underground rail system....I've been deprived, ok???

I also didn't get to watch cartoons except for Saturday morning, never got sugar cereals, nor did we EVER have an icecream man drive through our neighborhood.... RUB IT IN!!!

So, I bought my Metro pass my first day here and was an avid proponent of just parking the old car (which isn't old, just really really dirty) and tubing it every which way.

*Take note dear readers, this post will give you the creepy crawlies.

And then I started seeing them. Not at first, mind you. They were sneaky. They blend in really well and if you're not paying good attention, you will easily miss them. I think it was about a week into my new found daily activity when I saw my first rat. Yes, RAT!


It brought to mind some disturbing memories from movies....

And then, this morning, I saw THIS!!!
What is it???
Where did it come from???
How do I get rid of it?
Are there more?
Is it nice?
Is it poisonous?
Will it become a butterfly one day?
(I have a feeling the answer to that last one is a resounding NO)

Yep. This place is INFESTED! SCARY! Run away!!!

All through my subway ride to work I kept flashing through scenes from Men In Black II, Mimic, and Godzilla (the one with Matthew Broderick). EEK!

So, now that I've got you totally freaked out, Happy Weekend!


Padded Cell Princess said...

EEEEEEE!!!! That thing is gnarly and I do think in no way going to become a beautiful butterfly! I technically have traveled underground in the Tube in London but it was late, we were just trying to get home, and it was so crowded, I couldn't see Paddington Station because my face was in someone's armpit (although I still would have taken that over your creature!). Yuck!!

Sandra said...

Ok, no really...what is that bug? Please don't say it was a bedbug, I'm planning on going to NYC next summer...ick...