Friday, September 2, 2011

Sorry I've been so busy....

This is the time of year for us 4th (and FINAL) year medical students that we travel around to different hospitals looking for someone to hire us for residency.

This is a BIG deal! And it is very nerve wracking!

I've been working on my applications (which I actually have finished, I just haven't submitted) for weeks and weeks..... UGH! I'm so tired of talking about myself.

But, back to the traveling.
Last month I got to spend 4 very fun weeks in the tidy city of Tulsa, OK. Now, I'm sure many of you think of this when you hear Oklahoma. I would encourage you to lean a little more toward this or this.

It's such a cool little city and the people are incredibly nice!

But now, I've left. I've moved on to a much bigger city....

Do you know where I am???

Ok, how about in the daylight? Any guesses?
Now, I'm giving you a huge hint. I see this lady (in the red circle) everyday on my way to work!
YEP! NYC baby!!! It's fast! And it's busy! It's also kinda smelly. I thought that might be from the recent hurricane, but I stand corrected, that's just the way it seems to smell all the time.

More on my adventures later. Now I have to run and find patients!

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Padded Cell Princess said...

I'm very interested in hearing how you feel about NYC after your 4 weeks are up! You are so much braver than me! I would never be able to go there by myself...and for this, I count you as one of my heros ;)