Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I decided recently that I want to start wearing lipstick.

Yes, I'm a professional woman and my 30's are looming, but I've never really worn lipstick. I'm more of a chap stick kinda girl.

Lipstick is scary. Lipstick is a commitment. Lipstick means I might actually be a grownup. Wearing lipstick means you have to keep wearing lipstick.

Lipstick is also an art. You can't just slap it on. It has to complement your skin tone, your hair color, your outfit, and the rest of your makeup. Lipstick runs the gamut from neutral/nude to ba-da-bling!

I've been noticing a trend over the last few years among celebrities and fashion of this bold red lip. I love it.

It's a beautiful and classy way of wearing lipstick.

 The only problem I have with this is that my hair is red/auburn. I'm not a brunette or blond.... Don't get me wrong, I love my hair the color it is, but I'm wary of wearing red lipstick/shirts/etc.

Won't it wash me out or make me look overdone?

So, I did what any other 20 something with the internet would do, I went to the all-knowing Google and looked for some redheads wearing lipstick. There are a lot of options out there. Some of my favorites are below.
I love the coral with the smokey eye! It's not a red, but it's a cute and fresh option.
This is a bold red option. Her hair is more coppery than mine, but I love how it doesn't wash her out.
I'm not an LL fan, but I she has a more olive skin tone like I do and this nude lip intrigues me.
 So, all that said, I went out and bought some lipstick. I started with a coral that I really liked. And then, on a whim, I bought this bold red! Eeek!

The coral
And then the red
I'll admit, I really like the coral. I feel way more comfortable wearing it around. I'll be keeping the red, though. I'll probably bust it out from time to time for fun occasions. 

Something I learned on this adventure, wear lip liner when wearing red lipstick. Otherwise you end up with the lipstick staining the skin around your lips and making you look like you put on your lipstick in a hurricane.

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Padded Cell Princess said...

The coral looks like it really suits you and I agree that the red would be fabulous to bust out on certain occasions (because you do pull it off!. I am not a lipstick person yet either. Something about it does make it seem like I have to be a true adult...scary! I do love lip stain though but the problem is that if you get a bad color...it's not as easy to wipe off! hehehe