Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Pinterest?

My current obsession : Pinterest.

Where have you been all my life?????

I don't know what my life was without you! I was so lost! There was no organization! There was no way to keep track of all those fun things I like without taking up valuable space on my hard drive!

It has become my life. I have no time for anything else!

If you have not signed up for Pinterest and you have other things to do during your day, please do not do it! Stay far far far away! Please, for the love of your family, your budget, your waistline, RUN AWAY!!!

Are you still there?

Have I lost you to Pinterest yet?


Well, for those of you who are new to Pinterest or have absolutely no idea of what I'm talking about, below are some tips and tidbits about Pinterest that might help you figure the crazy thing out.
  • Pinterest is an online pin board. This means, when you find things you like online (a blog, a recipe, a hilarious pic) you can save it on your Pinterest board.
  • You have several pin boards on Pinterest. You can label them to keep track of your pins. I have boards for recipes, pics, crafts, shoes, you know, the usual.
  • When I want to go back to something I've pinned (let's say a recipe), I just go to my boards, select the recipe board, it brings up all my recipe pins. Then I click on the one I wanted and the link connects me to the original recipe online.
  • You don't have to just 'pin' things that other people have already pinned
  • I often find a lot of things online that I 'pin' to Pinterest.
  • I also have pinned a lot of things other people have already pinned.
  • There's a lot of pinning going on....
  • You can also "like" things. This is kind of similar to a Facebook "like"
  • This is not really a social site.
  • Note: if you 'pin' something, people are likely to also 'pin' it, and Pinterest will send you an e-mail notifying you of the "re-pin". If you 'pin' something totally awesome, say a Lego Storm Trooper baking muffins, it might get 're-pinned' several times.
  • I get an unnatural satisfaction from people "re-pinning" something I've pinned.
  • In fact, I find so much fun in it that I purposely spend hours and hours of my day searching the internet for awesomeness just so I can 'pin' it.
  • I need help.
  • I need an intervention.
  • I should be medicated......
Enough about me. Moving on.

Sometimes I actually make the things I pin on Pinterest.

Currently, I'm knitting a cabled cowl. Here's my progress thus far:
I also made this cute baby hat:
I made these leggings from an old sweater:

And this skirt from another old sweater:

These Butterbeer Cupcakes were AMAZING!!! Make them for any party you're going to and you'll be the belle of the ball. Don't take the leftovers home with you. That would be waistline suicide!

Melted Snowman cookies Chocolate Chip Grinch Cookies

"Drink Break" aprons for my siblings. It's a family joke thing.

These AWESOME fleece headbands!

In other news, have you heard of The Berry? I spend much of my day here and find a significant amount of my 'pins' here. Yep, and now you're never coming back because you'll be wasting all your time on The Berry and Pinterest.

Say goodbye to your families. And your books. And your wallet because you'll be spending so much money at the store...

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