Monday, January 30, 2012

Men Who Primp

Today, I am sick. I have been committed to my couch since 10:30 this morning, only getting up to use the bathroom. I'll admit, I do feel better than yesterday.... Yesterday was just...ugh! Not only was I developing a URI (upper respiratory tract infection), I had some form of GI bug, and i was feeling the beginnings of a migraine. Thus, when my orientation at 8am ended very shortly thereafter, it was easy to see that a Project Runway marathon with frequent naps interspersed was in order.

All that being said, I did have something to write about today. I have, unfortunately for you, mustered up enough energy between the hacking and post-migraine eyes to type this out. Yay!

Today on Today (haha!) Jenna Bush Hager addressed the common conundrum of men who primp.

If I were to be more specific, her piece is really about the metrosexual male and what it means not only for our culture but the industry in general. I thought it was really interesting as I am a big advocate for men dressing well.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean suits and tuxedos for everyday wear, but I do mean choosing appropriate clothes for your body type and dressing up just slightly from what the occasion calls for.
How can you not think this guy looks great?

Though I do not have an S.O. that needs dressing up, I often find myself perusing websites like The Sartorialist and TheBerry's 'Stuff I Wish My Boyfriend Would Wear' thinking to myself, "Wow! I would love to find a straight guy who dresses like this!"

I do believe that getting a guy to 'dress-up' can stem from early influences, which is why I encourage all you moms/future-moms to dress up your boys. I know, I know, they're just going to get it dirty, but if you can get your little guy to put on a sweater vest with his jeans, you are doing him a favor! Truly!
Hello!!!! Adorable!!!

I love when I see little boys all dressed up. And I know the mom's out there work hard to make their boys look good. If you need inspiration or a place to buy or just want to 'ooh' and 'ahh', look at The Little Gentleman's Closet on Etsy

I understand that this may be quite difficult if your S.O. is the couch-surfing, holey-sweatpants-rocking, t-shirt-from-highschool-wearing type. But, I do believe with a little encouragement, every man could be persuaded to dress this way. In fact, if you shop with him and find dress clothes that are also comfortable (meaning they fit him well and are made of fabric that will breathe and move with him), your job will be much simpler.

My utmost thanks to all who heed my plea! I encourage all the male readers I don't have to continue to dress up. Find clothes that fit you well and make you feel good. Don't feel weird dressing up slightly more than the occasion calls for. And have fun with it! Hats and scarves are wonderful accessories!

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