Friday, May 25, 2012


As I mentioned Wednesday, I am moving next month. 

This may seem like an excessive amount of information on my new adventure to some people, but I'm actually pretty excited. Ok I. Am. STOKED!!!

As a medical student, I worked my butt off and I paid to do it every day. When I move to Tulsa, I'll be working as a Resident Doctor and getting PAID to do it. My hours will get worse, but they'll be paying me!

I am approved for a house in Tulsa!
Actually, it's not a house, its actually a bungalow. I'm going to live in a bungalow! Eek!

that's the front of my bungalow!
I have a porch! and it has a ceiling fan! hope it's ready for some plants
front room complete with a fireplace!
dining room with built-in shelving
tiniest kitchen on the planet!
Seriously. It is the smallest kitchen ever. I don't think my entire rear end actually fits in it all at the same time.... So if you come over and want to help me cook, it just won't work out. BUT you can feel free to cook for me, provided your rear end isn't too much larger than mine...

Can you tell I'm smitten???

I promise to post lots of pics when I move in! I can't wait to put all my own stuff in there! Gosh I hope it all fits....

Also, did you see I got a mention from AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles? So nice! I'm pleased someone is entertained by my rambles!

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