Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's official: I'm a doctor!
Holy crap. I just read what I just wrote.... I'm not ready for this! School!! TAKE ME BACK! Don't let me go yet! I need more time! I'm not done learning yet!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that. Minor outburst of insecurity. Pay no attention to the apprehensive 5 year old running things behind the curtain, she has no idea what she's talking about. I'm back, full of confidence! At least I think I am...

Moving on....

I don't know how to put words to graduation week. It doesn't help that I was fortunate enough to go to 2 beautiful weddings for 4 wonderful friends before and after graduation. I was gone from home for 3 weeks....

That said, I'm just going to post some of my favorite pics. I'll put captions so they make some sense. 
the siblings, and our adopted sibling Olga (Olivia) at the first wedding in Hawaii
me and the lil bro on scooters after the first wedding
me getting DANCE BOMBED by the bride and groom at the second wedding (I was oblivious)
2 of my favs! John Thurman & Todd Brubaker
We take those Tough Mudder headbands EVERYWHERE!!!
burning that DAMN short white coat! Sayonara bacteria! 
me getting hooded (you get a hood when you do a post graduate degree) by one of my fav professors
with the lil bro and lil sis post graduation
with the big bro and his wife and 2 daughters
with my 2 aunts (2 of my dad's sisters)
with my med school brother! <3 you Toddington! 
SOCIETY 7!!! Best group a girl could ask for!
Proud papa!
me and the mama with our coffees! Seattle girls to the core! (and you can see my dress in this pic)
 It was a whirlwind week and I am SOOOOOOO blessed with all the support from friends and family the last 4+ years! Much love to you all!

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Padded Cell Princess said...

You got me tearing up over here! The photo of you with your dad is precious! And can I not jump up and down high enough screaming, "OH MY GOODNESS, YOU ARE A FREAKING DOCTOR!!!" I am so proud of you and absolutely amazed at what you went through to get there!! I mean goodness Alicia, our 10 year high school reunion is in like a month and you only now just finished school! Hardcore? Heck yes you are! I cannot wait to hear about all the lives you will touch and help (besides the ones you already have and bearing in mind dr/patient confidentiality of course ;)